Aldous Pinch The website of the reprobate Aldous Pinch

Deadbeatdukes The website of DeadBeatDukes, Andy's film music partnership with Drew Mills

Funky Junk Studio kit supply and audio gurus

Audient Console and interface experts

BAE Audio Tasty Neve style pre amps and EQs amongst other delights

Antelope Audio High end AD/DA convertors

Auden Guitars Lovely acoustic guitars that stand up against guitars twice the price

Gordon Smith Guitars Hand crafted custom built electric guitars

Mojave Microphones Delicious hi end microphones without breaking the bank

Placid Audio Quirky retro mics with a great "effect" sound for something a little different

Solomon Microphones Makers of the awesome LoFreq "bottom end" mic

Wes Audio makers of one of the best 1176 clones on the market

Monty's Guitars Fantastic hand-wound guitar pickups made in the UK

Bare Knuckle Pickups another awesome UK based pickup manufacturer

Abbott's Music Breathtaking hand made amplifiers and amplifier repairs

Geeman Cigar box guitars

D'Addario Guitar Strings

Subreel A music hub to help aspiring musicians. Equipment reviews, how-to guides and loads of other musical information

DB York ltd Exceptional building work and remarkable patience with musicians

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