What a fortnight...

What a fortnight...

The last two weeks have been busy. Ric Bonito has been recording drums for his own project and also for Aldous Pinch, the Abrahams have been recording some guitars and backing vocals to finish the tracking on one of their songs, Amy Wyke has been recording the guitars and drums for her latest track with Jake Crawford and Jay Russell from Acoda, Francis Tucker has been here and we've tracked everything for his latest track (including his good self on drums and vocals)  and Tanya Cracknell and Amy Pritchard have been here recoding Violin and Cello for the latest Deadbeatdukes track.

Four Drummers, six guitarists, three bassists, five singers, two keyboard players, a violinist and a cellist in the last 14 days... there's been a lot of tea and coffee drunk!

 img_8228.jpegTanya Cracknell recording for Deadbeatdukes


Jake Crawford with a gorgeous Bowman on loan from Auden Guitars (yes he's a leftie!)